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KB American Group is a professional, full service collection agency.

Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection

Our techniques can assist your company with your debt collection and improve recovery.  

Post Judgment Recovery

Dedicated to representing creditors as aggressively as the law allows. 

Litigation Services

Over 400 attorneys handling active litigation accounts across the country for our clients.  

Welcome to Debt Collection Agency, Los Angeles | KB American Group

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KB American Group is a professional, full service debt collection agency based in Los Angeles, California with experience and resources to handle your collection and litigation problems.  State-of-the-art information technology and a highly trained staff of collection professionals have made our company one of the most recognized and effective names when it comes to debt collection. KB American Group is the fastest growing professional debt recovery agency in California. Our staff has spent more than a decade recovering and managing commercial and consumer debt, including retail, wholesale, public utilities, service industries and banking/lending institutions. Our agency is made up of a management team with years of cumulative experience in the debt collection industry. KB American Group prides itself on and is committed to providing ethical and professional debt collection services to its clients. We insist our highly knowledgeable and experienced  collection staff to treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. We und...

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Judgment Recovery – On Going Business
24 Aug 2014

Judgment Recovery – On Going Business

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Third Party Levy – Judgment Collection

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Common problems with court judgments.

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Judgment Recovery

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